How can we help your business

A number of factors can affect the productivity of staff, which in turn will affect your turnover. What may look like tardiness, lethargy, difficulty in concentrating, reassurance seeking or aggressive outbursts, could actually be the signs that something more is going on for an individual.

This is where we come in.

We will team up with you, your HR team, your HR consultant or your Occupational therapist and help to reduce this problem. We are experts in; depression, anger management, stress, anxiety, panic, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and much more. It is less costly to be proactive and employ our service for short term treatment sessions than it is to have a member of staff off on long term sick.

We also provide group or individual training for your staff or management teams. The majority of middle managers are not trained in recognising the symptoms of stress and anxiety and we can overcome this skill gap by providing your managers with the tools to be productive in this area. The faster you can respond to these mental health concerns often the quicker a person's recovery, thereby reducing longer term sick within their departments. From stress management to motivational techniques, mental health awareness to assertive communication, we will design a training package based on your needs.

If you would be interested in collaborating with us please contact us and we can offer you more information.

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