We offer a range of therapeutic approaches. Although the majority of our work is based on CBT techniques and principles we also offer EMDR and Mindfulness. Choice of therapy is important so we encourage you to discuss your preference with us, however, not all treatments are suitable for all presenting problems. Please see below for a summary of the treatments offered:

 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Cardiff    


What to expect from treatment

The therapy sessions will be structured as follows:

Assessment - agree the problem

Agree goals and plan of action

Work to achieve goals (some review sessions included)

Relapse prevention plan and continued progress plan

Occasional follow up sessions if desired

The number of sessions required depends on your concerns and goals. We generally offer short term treatment (average between 6 to 15 sessions) but this can be longer if required. Following the assessment process you and your therapist will agree an estimated number of sessions. Due to treatment being short term, sessions are focused with you and your therapist agreeing a specific agenda at the start of each session. Therapy is collaborative, meaning you and the therapist work together. It is an active process involving in session exercises as well as home practice.

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