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    CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

    CBT is an evidence based solution focused therapy.  It is recommended by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines and is the form of therapy offered within the NHS.  Research has shown that CBT is effective in treating depression and a range of anxiety disorders.  CBT can also help with long term health conditions, it cannot cure these conditions but can help you to better cope with them. 

    CBT helps you to deal with current problems rather than focusing on issues from your past.  CBT is based on the premise that thoughts, feelings and behaviours are linked, that the way we feel is affected by the way we think and behave.  Overwhelming problems are broken down into these smaller parts in order to disrupt the negative cycles we can find ourselves in.


    CBT helps you to learn techniques to better manage your thoughts and behaviour in order to be reduce the intensity of the emotions experienced and therefore reduce the distressing physical sensations.  The tools learned are applicable to everyday situations so that you can continue to make progress even when you have completed the treatment with your therapist.  In essence, CBT helps you to become your own therapist, helping you to manage your problems in a more positive way.

    The BABCP are the largest accrediting body for CBT therapists. Please see their website for more information www.babcp.com